In a way, the floor in a room represents the “fifth wall” and it is often the largest uninterrupted block of color and design. With a host of benefits to its credit, wall-to-wall carpet is justifiably the most popular flooring choice in North America.

The possibilities are virtually unlimited with the vast array of textures and colors that carpeting offers. From subdued neutral tones, to rich solids, to intricate patterns, there are a multitude of options that cover every taste, purpose, function and budget.
Carpet, and the extra layer of padding beneath it, acts as a natural insulator against cold and heat, increasing the R-value (a measure of thermal resistance) of the carpeted area, and by extension, its energy efficiency.
Easy Care:
With today’s technology, carpeting is more stain-resistant than ever, making it a suitable choice for even high-traffic, mess-prone areas.
Especially important for children and the elderly, carpet provides both a non-slip surface to prevent falls in the first place, and a natural cushion that absorbs the body’s impact in the event of a fall.
Air Quality:
Contrary to a popular myth, EPA scientists have confirmed if properly cleaned and maintained, carpet actually improves indoor air quality by trapping and immobilizing potential allergens.
Carpets today are remarkably durable and are suitable for both residential and commercial settings, with specially treated fibers that hold up to wear, friction, soil and stains.
Sound Insulation:
No other flooring choice offers the peace and quiet, and added privacy of carpet. Carpet absorbs noise, muffles clatter, and enhances both room-to-room and floor-to-floor privacy. Comfort and Warmth: In any room, carpeting adds a plush layer of comfort underfoot, plus actual and visual warmth and depth.