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Design With Personality Using Area Rugs

Area rugs can make a break the appeal of your room. A properly placed and appropriate area rug can add dimensions to the style and design, but a poorly placed mess of a rug can end up being the center of attention you want to avoid. Hence, buying an area rug for your room should require some deliberation.

The type of manufacturing can make a difference in rug price. Hand-knotted rugs are the most unique and since they require more effort and time to create cost more. The benefit of these rugs is that no two would ever be exactly alike. you’re getting a piece of art. Hand-tufted rugs are a tier lower but they have similar features to the hand-knotted types. Machine made are the least expensive but depending on the quality of the materials and the pattern you can still find wonderful selections.

The actual pattern of the rug you get should depend on the decor of the room. Native American woven rugs are great for southwestern and Tex Mex decor. Plaid looks fantastic for a Country Home design. If you’re looking for international flair why not try Oriental rugs? They’re lavish and rich in color.

The area rugs you choose are meant to tie the elements of the room together to create one central theme. Placement of the rugs can differ depending on where you want the eye to follow but it’s best if you put them near the main furniture, such as a couch or coffee table in a living room or the bed and nightstand in a bedroom.

Carpets Can Help With Allergies

The one thing that can be said about summer is that allergies go haywire. The indoors require proper ventilation- air conditioners just push allergens out of the room. Opening windows lets in outdoor allergens. Being outside and dealing with a shift from humidity and heat to rain also stirs up every potential allergen nature has to offer. It’s an allergy sufferer’s worst nightmare. I know this from experience. I have both indoor and outdoor allergies year round. It’s enough to make you go crazy. The itching, the sneezing, the coughing. You want it all to just go away. Carpeting can help ease some of your symptoms.

While most people believe that carpets aggravate allergies, the opposite is actually the truth. In addition to being a noteworthy form of insulation, and protection against slipping, carpets trap dust and other allergy onsets. As long as you keep your carpet clean by vacuuming, you should feel some of the allergens, including pet dander and hair, dissipate. For example, a Karastan carpet, is known to clean up the air in the room  in which it is being used.

So, when you begin sneezing it may be time to go to the carpet store and get something to cover those wood floors. Carpets retain more than other forms of flooring. If you vacuum frequently and properly, a clean carpet will prevent an allergy attack.

Boro Rug Has All Sorts of Carpeting for Your Home

If you’re planning a full home construction or just redesigning you can trust a local flooring store, like Boro Rug, for your carpeting and other flooring needs. There are many benefits to getting your wall to wall carpet or area rugs from a local carpet store.

One of the best things you can do is to get a quote online. Go to the website and fill out a quote request. You can figure out by doing so how much the quantity and shipping will cost you. That way, if you decide to go to the showroom of the store you have a general idea of exactly what you should be purchasing and how it fits into your budget.

Also, local stores have great deals on their items. You may realize that at the showroom you can find great deals on area rugs. For a wall to wall carpet or tile you can get professionally trained installers with meticulous attention to detail when placing. It really doesn’t hurt you one bit and will give you better choices than you’d find elsewhere. Boro Rug’s showroom is right in Brooklyn for your convenience.