A Love Letter To Karastan Carpet

 In Karastan

This is a love letter to Karastan carpet. It begins with a promise we made ourselves. When we bought our old house, our credo was that we would be present, appreciative of the past, mindful of tomorrow. We committed that every improvement we made would be responsible environmentally, even if it cost more or took us longer.

Well, it took a long time. Some parts of the process cost a lot of money. It was not always easy to appreciate, say, the previous owner’s love for birds as pets, when all the scraping away of bird…eh, guano, still didn’t eliminate the smell from the floorboards of what we planned to use as our nursery. By the time we were sure it was gone, the floorboards were pretty beat up, and so were we.

Then we discovered Karastan carpet. Made from a renewably sourced polymer, produced with readily available agricultural materials, not to mention beautiful–this was not the shag carpet of our childhood. Plus, we found it online at a pretty incredible discount.

Our feet are happy, too. There’s a lot less crying over splinters with Karastan carpet in the house.