A Rug So Comfortable You Can Sleep On It!

 In Carpet Flooring, Karastan

The other night I came home after a few cocktails. I sat down on the living room floor and shuffled through some channels on the television. The floor, which has a wonderful karastan rug, was warm and soft. The glow of the TV was comforting and the night has left me a little woozy. So sitting on the rug became laying on the rug, then laying on the rug became sleeping on the rug.

When I woke up I was momentarily startled, but soon I felt pretty okay about it. The normal back pain or pins and needles that come along with falling asleep on the floor were not there. This karastan area rug was as comfortable as a thin mattress, not to mention warm and just plain inviting.

I’m not saying that I’ll be forgoing my bed for the floor any time soon. But since it sometimes just happens, I’m not going to worry about it too much either. I had a lovely little nap on the floor and was able to make my way to bed a few hours later. I’m glad I did; there is always something new to remind you why buying that rug was such a good idea!