Add Karastan Area Rugs Onto Commercial Carpeting

 In Carpet Flooring

Commercial carpeting is necessary for an office. But why? Well it makes cleaning a lot easier. You can see where you’ve vacuumed whereas you can easily miss some dust or dirt if you’re sweeping. And if someone’s shoes are dirty from an outside storm, they can track in whatever is on their shoes and it won’t make a squeaky ugly mess. It may soil the commercial carpeting, but that can be remedied with some heavy duty vacuuming. If you spill wine or have a nasty pet in your office, you may have an issue; but where do they drink wine at work? (Tell me please so I can apply).

And plus karastan area rugs and commercial carpeting add so much more life and feeling into a room. Much more feeling than a barren floored room with a big oak desk and a corporate bell ringing in the distance. Karastan area rugs allow you to personalize your office. And you can even place karastan area rugs on top of commercial carpeting and expect it to look good. Adding karastan area rugs over your commercial carpeting adds extra life and feeling to your office. I guess as a general rule you can say, the more rugs, the more personality, warmth, and comfort.