Area Rugs and Carpeting Flooring Terms Defined

 In Carpet Flooring

To the untrained shopper, one piece of carpeting flooring is like all of the rest. But there is actually a lot to commercial carpeting and area rugs that the average consumer doesn’t realize. Like, for instance, that there is virtually an area rug and carpeting glossary, full of terms used to describe the intricacies of carpeting flooring. Really! There are so many terms describing the aspects of carpeting flooring, and here are a few that you probably don’t already know:

-Pile: The cut or looped yarns that form the top surface of carpeting or rugs.

-Point: One tuft of pile.

-Flat Weave: Weaving in which no knots are used. Instead, the weft strands are passed through the warp strands.

-Knot Count: This refers to the number of knots in a square inch of a rug. Example: a 65 line rug would has 65 knots per foot of width, 65 per foot of length, and 29 knots per square inch.

-Warp: The vertical strands of fiber that stretch from the top to the  bottom of the rub. Knots are tied to the warp yarns to create face pile.

-Weft: horizontal stands of fiber that are woven through the warps. They work with the weft to anchor and secure the knots.