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Why Choose Karastan Carpeting?

A carpet takes on much more than just the roll of decor. They need to be just as practical as they are stylish. What’s the point to having a carpet that’s very decorative if it gets easily ruined? Homes and offices are busy places. People come and go and these carpets must withstand a lot of stains and wear. There are several reasons why Karastan carpets are a fantastic choice when you’re looking for a happy medium between practicality and beauty.

Karastan carpets are made of New Zealand wool. This material is resistant to dirt and messes so your carpet won’t be ruined from constant use. The wool is also mostly hypo-allergenic and has been considered a good selection for keeping air generally clean from pollutants like dust and mites. With so much bacteria being brought in on footwear this is a definite benefit.

Durability is another big plus when it comes down to carpeting. Whereas other carpets may fray, rip, and lose color having a carpet that doesn’t need to be replaced so quickly will save you time and money. It also will look nicer for much, much longer.

A Karastan carpet is a prime example that practicality can also be chic. These carpets are not only practical, they’re comfortable, fashionable, and environmentally friendly. you tackle the best of both worlds without making major sacrifices from either.

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    Hardwoord vs. Vinyl Tile Flooring vs. Carpeting: Pros and Cons

Hardwoord vs. Vinyl Tile Flooring vs. Carpeting: Pros and Cons

When redesigning space within your home you want to make all the right choices you overlooked the first time you did the rooms. This can even come down to changing the floor. The flooring you choose will affect your living space a great deal, from decor to cleaning. So, what are your choices and what are you going to use?

Hardwood floors are simple yet elegant. Nobody really complains about hardwood as being a poor style choice or an eyesore. It’s fairly easy to clean, given the right finish, and it can be covered with Karastan area rugs, runners, or Persian rugs. really nice wood flooring, however, can get a little pricey.

Vinyl tile flooring is popular for kitchen and bathroom spaces. This is mostly because it is very easy to keep clean. They come in a variety of patterns and keep the room interesting looking. They can capture the look of wood, stone, ceramic and other materials without the hassle of caring for them. One of their best attributes is that they are cost effective in home design. The downside is that aren’t always as elegant looking as other options.

Carpeting is soft to the touch and comfortable on your feet. It will protect the floor underneath because it prevents furniture from scuffing it, as well as preventing slipping. You can find carpets in many textures and colors to match them well with the room and they can be sized for just about any room. The downside is that they need to be cleaned fairly regularly to keep them looking their best.


Accent the Room With Karastan Area Rugs

An essential key to proper design is to connect the different elements of the room with a common thread. The walls and objects within the room are not all going to be perfect matches, but if you find one piece that makes it all work as a whole you’ve done your job. One way to do this is by adding an area rug that incorporates the highlighted color scheme. Karastan area rugs are the finishing touch that can bring your room together.

Try and use the patterns in the Karastan area rugs to your advantage. Plaid patterns are great for Americana rooms and big open spaces like department stores. Oriental and Persian rugs work as runners for halls. They’re ornate but they aren’t distracting. The deep tones are good complements for well lit rooms.

On the other hand, rectangular contemporary or animal print designs work great to add flair to a simple furnished room. It’s really about finding what attracts your eye and working from there. Busy carpeting doesn’t work well with busy rooms unless the other accessories and decor balance it out.

As for commercial rugs, you want something soothing that won’t detract eye movement from the items you’re selling. repeating patterns work best in this scenario. They allow us to familiarize our eyes with the settings so the things that stick out are the showcased products.