Carpet Brooklyn Despite Landlord

 In Carpet Flooring

It started when we moved into our apartment. The hardwood floors were so old that they had begun to chip and flake. This is unacceptable we told our landlord but he said that the lease had been signed and that there was nothing he could do. He said if you want, go get a Karastan carpet.

We started looking around for a Karastan carpet and decided that indeed that would be better than getting splinters in our foot soles. Plus it made it easier on us when we had our baby and he started crawling around and eventually playing with his toy trucks and cars. He would have aroused many complaints from the neighbors due to his loud playing. But as it was things were going just fine. Until we decided to move.

We told our landlord that we’d be moving out and he said fine but you have to remove the Karastan carpet. We said but the wood floor is splintering, it’s much better this way. He said but the new tenants may not want carpet flooring and it was not here when you moved in. So I said listen if I talk to them and tell them why we installed it and they agree to keep it can we just leave it. He said okay. The new tenants were entirely understanding and wanted it after I told them of the splinters. The landlord was quiet and gave us our deposit back in full.