Carpeting—for cozier TV watching

 In Carpet Flooring

When I was a kid, I lacked the comfort of carpeting in our apartment. Everything was hard wood because my parents thought it looked better with the decor. I didn’t care, I was five years old. I just wanted a comfy spot to lay on to watch my saturday morning cartoons. I used to lay on the floor anyway and come away with an achy back and red marks on my elbows.

Now that I’m older, I decided to have carpeting in my own place in the living room. It makes everything so much better. It’s a warmer room in the winter, it’s cozy underneath my bare feet in the middle of the night, and it actually matches my decor quite well. I made sure to decorate just so it could work with a carpet.

It’s also perfect for watching cartoons. I may be grown, but I still enjoy watching the shows I liked as a kid on Netflix. So now I can live the dream I had as a little girl of laying on a carpeted floor watching Rocko’s Modern Life and Doug, eating a bowl of Cocoa Puffs and drinking the chocolate milk at the end. Who says we can’t still be a kid at heart?