Carpeting Flooring Stain Removal Tips

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carpeting flooring stain removal tips

A few years ago, I shared an apartment with two friends who happened to be the most insane neat-freaks in the history of the human race. And it just so happened that in this apartment, we had white carpeting flooring. Well one day, I was unwinding after a hard day of work with a glass of red wine…a big one.

As I made my leisurely stroll from the kitchen to the couch, I tripped over my shoes (which I carelessly kicked off not 10 minutes before) and spilled the contents of my giant wine glass onto our annoyingly pristine carpeting flooring.

I panicked.

If my roommates saw this they would murder me. Not literally of course, but they would murder me with lectures me like “how should drink at the table if I can’t carry my glass it without spilling it” and other things of that irritating nature. I had 2 hours to get it out before they came home, so I worked expeditiously. I combined 1 teaspoon of Dawn dish detergent and 1 cup of hydrogen peroxide, soaked a clean sponge in the mixture and blotted the giant stain with the concoction. The stain slowly started to lift, and after a few tense moments, it was gone. I got out my blow dryer, dried the spot to perfection, and took a swig off the wine bottle to calm my nerves.

The stain came up and they never knew about my wine debacle. If you have carpeting flooring and are looking to get rid of a pesky stain, try my Dawn/peroxide concoction to get them looking like new!