Cleaning Your Office Commercial Rug

 In Carpet Flooring, Karastan

Rugs are fantastic for stores. It traps heat and it lessens the sound emanating from the swarm of stomping patrons. Woo hoo! The only downside to having a commercial rug is the cleaning. People drag all sorts of germs and disgusting mess from outside on their footwear. Anything from gum to mud to, well, let’s avoid going any further with that statement. The point being that a nasty rug is not going to attract customers any time in the near future. And the longer you hold out on the cleaning, the less likely your customers are going to appreciate stepping through your door. That’s especially true in offices that require extremely high hygienic standards. Hopefully you saved yourself some hassle by getting high quality carpeting, like a Karastan carpet that’s easy to clean.

Okay, so how do you go about cleaning your commercial rug? If your company can afford it just hire professionals. Steam cleaners will come and solve your problems efficiently and quickly. If you can’t afford to hire, however, consider renting a cleaner or invest in buying one. Steam cleaners are probably the most efficient way to get the job done. They get into the deep crevices and get out most of the gunk.

Although it’s not quite feasible for large scale cleaning you can get out small spots using sprays and formulas. This way if it’s an isolated mess you don’t have to go through the much more expensive methods to get it all done.