Commercial Carpeting for Stores

 In Carpet Flooring

When it comes to commercial carpeting, it’s often thought to go into office buildings or hotel lobbies and hallways. But it can also fit in nicely with your store if you are going for a more elegant look. Don’t just settle for tile, carpeting can really give your business the right feel you are looking for.

I worked in a retail store once where the front, main traffic area was tile but the back of the first floor and the other two floors were commercial carpeting. And it was wonderful. It created a very homey feel to the place that tile just can’t do. It was primarily a children’s store so it also invited them to sit down and read a book or play with a toy comfortably.

It can also work for a high class store selling jewelry or other higher priced items. If it works for department stores, it’ll work for your business as well. It’s going to give it a luxury feel that welcomes customers and makes them feel comfortable, keeping them shopping and giving them an overall positive experience.

So don’t discount carpeting in your store, it may change the whole feel from boring and typical to luxurious and comfortable.