Commercial Carpeting Good Enough For Home

 In Carpet Flooring, Karastan

Screen Shot 2013-10-01 at 11.42.12 AMIt was my sixth all-nighter that week. It was late so I bounded around the office barefoot, getting everything I could done, putting out fire after fire. It was not pleasant, but it was comfortable. I realized I had spent so much time running around the office that I had become wholly in my skin there. I was no longer someone at work, I was in my home away from home. Honestly, I could not for the life of me remember what home actually felt like.

When I finally arrived back at my place, I was relieved. I was excited to sleep off the last six days over the next two. And sleep I did. Then on the second day I strolled barefoot from my bed over my hard wood floors. The floors which up to now I was happy with were cold and uninviting. I started to realize I needed some sort of Karastan carpet. Then I thought back to how good the work carpet felt on my feet.

Well, within days I had touched base with our building’s owner and uncovered the carpeting people he used. Then they installed commercial carpeting in my apartment. I have never once looked back. Now that I’m working less grueling hours I get to appreciate my carpet and everything!