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Carpet remnants offer such a tremendous value to carpet shoppers, and no one in Brooklyn does remnants like Boro Rug & Carpet Warehouse. Make that no one in the five boroughs.

If you don’t know about the hidden value of carpet remnants, it goes like this: sometimes there are huge leftover rolls of carpet from big jobs. These remnants are often big enough to carpet rooms—and in some cases entire houses. But, as remnants, they cost a whole lot less. We buy remnants by the big, beautiful roll-ful. We have aisle after aisle of them, organized neatly and just waiting for you to discover them in all their jaw-dropping glory.

[accordian][toggle title=”The Manufacturers” open=”yes”]Let’s just say we carry carpet brands that are the biggest in the business. We can’t name names. We buy their carpet closeouts, short rolls and special goods that for one reason or another they can’t sell themselves. We’re remnant experts and seek out the best on behalf of our customers.[/toggle][toggle title=”The Styles” open=”no”]Our remnants run the gamut from traditional to modern and indoor-outdoor to plush & shaggy. We have 1000s of yards on hand at any given time. We buy the best and constantly refresh our stock. Just give us the color and size you’re looking for and we’ll walk you through your options. We know our stock, so you don’t have to wander aimlessly.[/toggle][toggle title=”Big Savings” open=”no”]Going the remnant route can save you from 50-75% of the cost of installed carpet. And there’s no drawback to buying remnants whatsoever. They’re new, they’re unused—and they’re a deal that’s just sitting here at Boro Rug & Carpet Warehouse waiting for you to take home.[/toggle][toggle title=”Measuring and Installing” open=”no”]We come out and install your remnant the same way we do with installed carpeting. You receive Boro’s high level of service from start to finish. We can even come out and measure your home beforehand if you like. And your carpet is fully insulated for comfort, temperature control and sound reduction. [/toggle][toggle title=”Remnant Rugs” open=”no”]If you find a remnant that you wish was an area rug, we can help. Often, we’ll bind the edges of carpet remnants for customers. This gives them neat, attractive edges. We sculpt the size and pattern to your specifications. Ask your designer about making a remnant rug when you visit.[/toggle][/accordian]