Finding the Right Karastan Carpet Material

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Just like a sweater or pair of pants, the quality and feel of carpeting flooring is largely determined by its composition. If you’re looking for a new Karastan carpet, it’s important to explore all of your options before choosing your materials.

This affordable fiber holds up well to mildew and mold, but can wear out over time. Karastan often blends acrylic with wool to combine the benefits of each material.

Another economical option, nylon is known for its resilience to crushing and stains, in addition to its soft texture. For this reason, Karastan carpet often features nylon components.

This material is great for brightly colored carpeting flooring and is practically invulnerable to water-soluble stains. Karastan gets all of its polyester yarn from a modern recycling plant.

Say that three times fast! This material, developed from propylene gas, is primarily durable, however it tends to flatten easily.

This amazing technology uses renewable polymer to create truly sustainable carpeting flooring. What’s not to love?

You can’t talk about carpeting flooring without mentioning wool. This superstar is strong, comfortable, and easy to clean.