Go Green With A Karastan Carpet

 In Karastan

If you’re considering a Karastan carpet or rug, it’s probably because of some of the complimentary things you have heard or read about their products. But did you know that owning a Karastan Carpet is actually a rather “green” decision as well.

That’s right, a Karastan carpet is an easy (and convenient) way to help out the environment. The Karastan Carpet company is one of the leaders in the go-green revolution. Not only do the practices at the company s Georgian production facility set a high eco-friendly standard, but the carpets themselves are eco-friendly as well.

Just as a single example: most carpet companies use bits of cardboard for their carpet cores. Karastan uses an innovative durable plastic, which is made from carpet edge trim, stretch film from shrink-wrapping, plastic bottle caps and other recyclable materials. Not only does this help to preserve the planets natural resources, but this innovative plastic material is said to be able to last nearly four times as long as the traditional cardboard ones used by such a high majority of other carpets.

So the next time somebody compliments your Karastan carpet, you can tell them, “thanks, I did it for the planet.”