Hardwoord vs. Vinyl Tile Flooring vs. Carpeting: Pros and Cons

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When redesigning space within your home you want to make all the right choices you overlooked the first time you did the rooms. This can even come down to changing the floor. The flooring you choose will affect your living space a great deal, from decor to cleaning. So, what are your choices and what are you going to use?

Hardwood floors are simple yet elegant. Nobody really complains about hardwood as being a poor style choice or an eyesore. It’s fairly easy to clean, given the right finish, and it can be covered with Karastan area rugs, runners, or Persian rugs. really nice wood flooring, however, can get a little pricey.

Vinyl tile flooring is popular for kitchen and bathroom spaces. This is mostly because it is very easy to keep clean. They come in a variety of patterns and keep the room interesting looking. They can capture the look of wood, stone, ceramic and other materials without the hassle of caring for them. One of their best attributes is that they are cost effective in home design. The downside is that aren’t always as elegant looking as other options.

Carpeting is soft to the touch and comfortable on your feet. It will protect the floor underneath because it prevents furniture from scuffing it, as well as preventing slipping. You can find carpets in many textures and colors to match them well with the room and they can be sized for just about any room. The downside is that they need to be cleaned fairly regularly to keep them looking their best.