How Karastan Area Rugs Taught Me To Grow Up

 In Karastan

how karastan area rugsLittle kids have great imaginations. When I was young, boredom came  easily, especially when I went rug shopping with my parents. My brother and I couldn’t fight in the store, since that would mean we wouldn’t get desert later. So we would jump around on the commercial carpeting and hide behind it, moving freely while our parents talked to the sales rep. We pretended to be gunners in World War, or if we were completely out of sight, we wrapped ourselves in the Karastan area rugs and pretended to be sardines.

As I aged, and my parents continued to build their carpet collection, we couldn’t get away with that kind of thing. Eventually, I became interested in the process of carpet weaving, understanding just how much effort goes into creating Karastan area rugs. The loom, the machine process, it was all so clear. I was growing up.

Today, I am an expert in Karastan area rugs. I know how to identify them, and how they look best, in what kind of decor and where in the house. It is part of being a rug connoisseur to know about Karastan area rugs, and the details that go into making them what they are.