How To Keep Your Karastan Area Rug Looking Brand New

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A Karastan area rug is a great choice for high quality and beauty, and for those who want to have a rug with natural fibers. But rugs are subject to abuse from you, your family, your pets, and anything else that may walk over or be dragged over it! But there are ways to keep your rug from wearing too soon, so it can look brand new for a long time.

Consider where your area rug is. If it’s a high traffic area, like the living room, you’ll want to have a more constant maintenance routine for it. If it’s in a low traffic area, you don’t want to over vacuum or treat your rug more than is necessary.

You may want to buy a non-slip rug pad for underneath your area rug. This will keep it from getting pushed around constantly, which sweeps up more dirt and dust and ruins the fibers quicker.

Rotating your Karastan area rug every two or three months will keep it from wearing down considerably in one specific area. You’ll also want to rotate it if it’s in a sunny room, as the sun can cause fading on one side more than another.

Stains on a Karastan rug are usually preventable if you catch I t quickly enough, since the fibers tend to shed liquid spills. Don’t ever rub a spill; it’ll just push it deeper into the rug. Try to remove as much as you can with something absorbent, like paper towel. You can then attempt to remove what’s left with lukewarm water and a mix of carpet shampoo or even dish washing liquid. Vinegar also helps to get stains out.

And of course, a professionally treated rug will help keep the fibers from wearing too soon. These tips aren’t just for area rugs, but great for commercial carpeting as well.