Karastan Area Rugs and Childhood Imaginations

 In Karastan

karastan area rugsWhen I was a young boy, I loved our karastan area rugs. They were so big and soft. I crawled around on my hands and knees, hid behind the couch, and rolled onto the warmth of the karastan carpet where my father took his cat-naps, or my little brother played with his Lego creations (made from the destruction of the very pieces I had laboriously constructed).

Sometimes when we were really playful, we’d roll each other up in the carpet. I’d lie flat, arms at my side, and my little brother would begin to roll it around me. I held onto the edge of the karastan area rugs and rolled as he pushed me. Pretty soon, I was safe in the shelter of the wadded rug, warm and tight, and he jumped around on top of me, which I didn’t feel at all thanks to the thickness of the karastan area rugs. Eventually, I unrolled and it was his turn.

Our parents didn’t like this playing. It was aggressive and it wasn’t good for the carpets, they said. So instead of obeying them like good little boys, we simply made sure they were preoccupied with making dinner, or taking care of the new baby, or something else distracting, and continued to play with the karastan carpet. Don’t blame me, though, I was just a little boy!