Karastan Area Rugs and Childhood Memories

 In Karastan

When I was little, I lived in an apartment in Queens. Whenever my brother and I visited my grandmother’s house it was exciting because she had two floors. And stairs! Stairs became an instant playground for us. Slinkie races, sledding down them, and using them as cover for toy soldiers was ridiculous fun. But one thing we loved doing was taking our grandma’s karastan area rug, wrapping ourselves in it, and rolling down the stairs.

Dangerous? Maybe a little. But this area rug  was no ordinary rug. It was karastan and it felt GREAT. It had some amazing cushion, especially wrapped more than once around you. It was a joy ride down those stairs, rolling in a plush rug and enjoying the rush of the fall. Of course, our mom quickly put an end to those hi jinx as soon as she found out.

But that’s what is so great about karastan area rugs. They are so soft, comfortable, and flexible, that we couldn’t resist rolling up in them. Even after we got scolded, I’d still roll up in the rug while I watched television on the living room floor. Absolutely childhood bliss.