Karastan Area Rugs Fight the Winter Chill

 In Karastan

karastan area rugsI love karastan area rugs. They really help to enhance the decor of my home, and besides being cozy, they also help to insulate my floors against the winter chill.
I have karastan area rugs in every room of my home because I love them so much. They are soft, and fine, and they really work well with the interior colors of my walls and furniture.

Part of why karastan area rugs are so great is that there are so many options. They have floral contemporary designs, which I chose for my living room with its more modern coffee table. There are elegant oriental-styled runners for my hallway which really make walking around without socks a pleasure instead of a bother. And underneath my kitchen table I have a more traditional karastan carpet, which does great justice to my mother’s antique dining set. And in my bedroom, I’ve doubled up! I have karastan area rugs over my large light colored karastan carpet, so that each corner of the room is warm and welcoming.

If you want to enhance the decor of your home, add some karastan area rugs to cover your cold wood floors this winter and enjoy a warmer way to live.