Karastan Area Rugs Warmed Up My Bedroom

 In Karastan

So, I’m still living at home. And while I plan to move out in just a few short months, I still felt like my room needed an update. It’s been the same for almost 10 years and even though I’ll be shipping everything out soon, I have been still going nuts looking at the same decor. Plus, I wanted to invest in something that would work perfectly in a new apartment. So I looked into karastan area rugs.

My floors are wood, and  they get so  cold in the winter. They are also really old and kind of ugly. My new karastan rug arrived recently and I’m thrilled. It covers up the unsightly warped wood and keeps it from creaking so much. It also keeps those terrible splinters from stabbing me in the foot. That is never a pleasant feeling.

Karastan area rugs are a great idea to warm up and spruce up a room. Sometimes the floors are uncomfortable or everything just seems that boring. It’ll add a bit of splash that you were missing. It’ll also fix up the floor that you don’t otherwise know what to do with.  They also feel amazing beneath your toes in the morning!