Karastan Carpet for Commercial Uses

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Commercial rugs need to cover large spaces and need to be super easy to clean and maintain. Karastan carpeting is a great option for your business for exactly these reasons. Whether you’re running a department store, hotel, or office, a good carpet can make a difference in safety and insulation.

In terms of safety, Karastan carpets and Karastan area rugs will prevent slips and falls by customers, thus allowing you to dodge any injury lawsuits within your building. Hard flooring can be dangerous during inclement weather and if you don’t have a sign warning “Caution! Wet floor,” you’re not going to have very many happy customers and/or guests.

Karastan carpets are also great because thy act as added insulation during colder weather. They absorb heat better than other materials will and that’s actually a fantastic way to save on heating costs. As for the summer, well, that’s something you’ll have to figure out yourself.

The thing about carpeting, though, is that it must be cleaned. It will collect dirt, allergens and other substances. This is good because it will keep the air cleaner, but the downside is that it can give off that musty smell. You should have your carpet regularly vacuumed and when it gets really bad you should get it steam cleaned. Good Steam cleaners are fairly easy to find.