Making the Move from Hardwood to Carpet

 In Carpet Flooring, Karastan

Karastan-bakhtiyariThe hardwood floors of my bachelor pad would give me chills now. I remember that we simply did not clean the floor of my first apartment. No sweeping, no vacuuming, and definitely no carpeting or rugs. The reason at the time seemed obvious;  Karastan area rugs or wall-to-wall carpeting would have served to hold in all the filth that me and my young roommates would drag through the petri dish we called an apartment.

Now that I’m an adult I love my Karastan carpeting. I keep it clean with such little fuss that I think even my younger self would have been able to do it. What’s more, it feels light on my bare feet and it really ties the room together. The carpeting has stepped my entire decorating situation and apartment layout plans up several notches.

The other day while shopping with my now “live-in” girlfriend, I was shocked by how much joy uncovering great antiques gave me. It’s something that I couldn’t even imagine doing just a few months ago. Growing up happens so fast that sometimes you don’t even recognize the major milestones until they’ve already occurred. When I look back on the decision to go from hardwood to carpet I will remember how in one fell swoop I came of age.