Move In With Karastan Area Rugs

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move in with karastan area rugsKarastan area rugs really tie a room together. I’m moving in with my brother soon, and since we’re young we don’t have much money. We have to get a bunch of new stuff – futon, frying pan, box springs – but what’s most important to get, I think, is a Karastan carpet.

Without a Karastan carpet, the hardwood floor shines menacingly. Dust bunnies roll behind me like tumbleweed as I walk around. The late afternoon sun glares and reflects on the floorboards – I have to squint. With socks on, I slip slightly on the patch near the threshold.  I’m not five, I don’t want to slide across the floor on my way to the kitchen. I want comfort, warmth, and respect from my living room. I need Karastan area rugs.

I want one for the living room, and one for my bedroom. They add splashes of color, and knit emotion into an otherwise staid, stark room devoid of feeling. Tons of options will make it easy for us to choose one, since we both admire the classical, oriental designs of Karastan area rugs. Luckily my little brother and I are on the same page. And with us sharing the price of a Karastan carpet, it won’t break our piggy bank.