Noisy Dogs Are No Match for Carpeting Flooring

 In Carpet Flooring, Karastan

My upstairs neighbors had always been incredibly noisy. They have three dogs — Mitzy, a bloodhound; Bitsy, a St. Bernard and Cupcake, an Irish wolfhound. I like dogs just fine, but for a while I wasn’t sure what was worse: the noise of them running around (and apparently throwing themselves as hard as possible into the floor) or the shocking amount of slobber I had to endure when I met them in the hallway.

The noise, I knew, could be handled. I could tell by the click-click-clicking of the dogs’ nails that there are no rugs or carpeting up there, which would nothing short of fix the problem, so I considered my options. I could have written an anonymous note, but since I live alone they’d probably have figured out pretty quickly who wrote, “Either get some carpeting or move the dog fights elsewhere.” I also considered getting a hold of their e-mail addresses and signing them up for the Boro Rug mailing list, but I figured they’d assume any e-mails they got were spam and delete them without reading.

Finally I decided to just buy a large carpet myself and play it off like I was getting rid of it. Boro Rugs’ Karastan carpets are inexpensive enough that it was worth the investment if it meant the end of that clicking. The next time I ran into my neighbors I told them I had a some carpeting flooring I didn’t want anymore, and they said they’d be happy to take it off my hands. It’s been bliss ever since.