Rejoice: October Is National Karastan Carpet Month!

 In Karastan

October is a beautiful month. The air turns as crisp as a freshly plucked apple. The leaves turn that golden, honeyed hue. The grass makes its natural progression from green to brown. The days grow shorter and the beaming summer sun grows colder. In addition to these beautiful transformations in nature, there is also a transformation in the world of Karastan area rugs. Well, maybe transformation is a bit of an overstatement. What’s actually happening is a celebration. A celebration of the nation’s most revered and celebrated area rugs: Karastan area rugs.

That’s right folks. October is National Karastan carpet month. What does that entail? Well according to the Karastan website, you are eligible for some pretty hefty rebates when you treat yourself to some gorgeous karastan carpets. In my opinion, this couldn’t come at a better time. The chilly weather is the perfect reason to stay indoors and snuggle up on the couch, while gazing at your lovely area rugs.  So don’t wait, but Karastan carpets  today.