Rugs, For Beauty and Ease

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I have a confession to make. I’m a lazy fraud. I have hardwood floors, and I hate sweeping them. I mean, I had to do it every day to keep them looking clean. It’s terrible having to rub your feet together before you crawl into bed to get the dirt and crumbs off of them, so that you don’t drag the dirt into your bed.

So I decided to buy a karastan carpet. Karastan area rugs are perfect because they don’t allow for the visibility of dirt, and they can be vacuumed, which is much preferable to sweeping. Plus, they fill up the space of a room, making it cozier and homier.

I don’t have to work as hard to keep my apartment clean, and it looks much better with a karastan carpet, warmer, and overall more elegant. When I invite lady friends over, they are always so impressed with my interior decoration, saying “My, what a lovely dining room you have, it’s all tied together so well. “ And I say, “But of course, my dear. Did you expect me to simply have dirty wooden floors?” Embarrassed, they always reply, “Of course not, it’s just that you’ve done such a lovely job with these – are they Karastan area rugs?” Why yes, my dear, yes they are.