Vinyl Tile Flooring For The Kitchen

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Vinyl tile flooring is great for any kitchen. I used to have wood floors in my kitchen. They weren’t very nice either – they were stained and dark, and they gathered dirt quickly and easily. We couldn’t see food or gunk on the floor until we had walked into it. I was desperate for a new floor. I was determined to get one, despite my husband’s entreaties that we keep what we have, that the floor isn’t broken and that it’s fine the way it is. Typical man. I told him that redoing the kitchen floor would add a lot of retail value to our home, and it would make it easier for us all to keep it clean.

When we decided against stone because of financial reasons, it only seemed right to choose vinyl tile flooring. A light colored vinyl tile flooring would do wonders, I thought.

After it had been installed it looked great. The light cream color I chose was really pretty, especially with the new ochre paint on the kitchen walls. It made the entire first floor of our home much nicer because you felt like you were really moving from one room to the next when you entered the kitchen, instead of walking down one long dirty hallway. Next, it’s time to think about carpeting flooring for the bonus room…