Vinyl Tile Flooring Is Kid Proof

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Kids make messes. Trust me, I know. I don’t have any of my own but I do have eight, count ’em, eight little cousins. From the ages of just over a year to 10 years old. And when they all get together it’s madness. The kind of madness that even a pro can’t handle. But my aunts all did one thing right for sure; they outfitted their kitchens with vinyl tile flooring.

It was a smart move. They run around with their juice boxes in one hand, cookies in another, crumbs all over their face. And they bring it in and out of the kitchen constantly. Spills, crumbs, dirt from their sneakers, everything you can imagine crosses that vinyl tile flooring. But it’s so easy to clean. Wet a paper towel and with one fell swoop you can get that dirt wiped up before it sets in. You can’t say that about many flooring options.

Keeping up with 8 kids at once is tough, but not impossible. And at least at the end of the day, the kitchen is so spotless you wouldn’t even know the tykes went running through it. Again. And again.