Vinyl Tile Flooring Makes Cleaning Up After Pets Easy

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I have a cat and she makes a mess. If she’s eating from her food dish, she dunks her face in the pile of food and pieces go flying everywhere. She sheds like crazy, no matter what time of year. She also has a bad habit of sneaking into the backyard, eating grass, and not digesting it all that well. The mess is often left on my basement floor.

Thankfully, our entire basement is vinyl tile flooring. This is why we keep her food dishes and litter pan down there. Vinyl tile is so easy to clean. ¬†When she makes a mess with food or litter, it’s easy to just take the broom and dustpan and sweep it all away, or vacuum it up. When it’s something more, well, gross, a mop and bucket does the job. Vinyl is so simple to take care of and you don’t have to worry about water and soap damaging it like you would a wood floor, or getting disgusting stains on a carpet.

Vinyl tile flooring is ideal for pets, especially if you have a messy one like I do. Why make things harder for yourself in the long run.