When You Move You Need Karastan Area Rugs

 In Carpet Flooring

You just moved into your new home. It’s a nice house, small, but you bought it for a good price, especially in this market. There are of course some things it could use, like a new washer and dryer, new lighting in the kitchen and maybe some vinyl tile flooring in the kitchen, but overall it’s perfect for you for right now.

One thing you definitely need asap is some karastan carpet. The floor is this dark stained wood color, maple maybe. It’s fine, but it gets dirty fast and it can be kind of cold in the morning when you wake up and head to the kitchen for breakfast.

Some nice karastan area rugs would really do the trick. You need one in your bedroom; it will really help to make the place cozier; one in the hallway, like a runner; and one in the living room, underneath the sofa. The last one will really tie the living space together; you won’t have to hardly do anything more after that. So start shopping for the karastan area rugs, and after that you can eventually get a new washer and dryer. Don’t worry about when – Rome wasn’t built in a day.