Why We Love Vinyl Tile Flooring

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What if you could have all of the aesthetic appeal of ceramic tile flooring, but none of the hassle? With vinyl flooring, you can! Vinyl tile flooring is more affordable and comfortable than ceramic, and it’s easier to install. Plus, vinyl tile flooring is designed to look just like ceramic flooring, so your guests won’t even know the difference. Read on for more details on why so many homeowners are choosing vinyl tile flooring.

It’s Easy & Affordable

Unlike ceramic tile flooring, which requires expensive and time-consuming grouting, vinyl tile flooring is simple to install. Depending on the type, your vinyl flooring can be installed with full-spread trowel adhesive, built-in self-adhesive, or perimeter adhesive, all with an authentic-looking grout edge. This installation isn’t just convenient – it will lower your costs as well. And vinyl’s smooth service makes cleanup a breeze!

It’s Comfortable & Safe

When choosing carpeting flooring for your home, comfort and safety are huge factors to consider – and vinyl tile flooring excels in both of these areas. Vinyl feels warmer and softer than tile, which means you won’t mind walking or standing on it, even in bare feet. The softer surface will also cushion trips and falls, providing a safer flooring option for everyone in your family.