Your Guide to Commercial Carpeting

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commercial carpeting
A lot of people think all carpeting is the same, but if you’re a business owner, you know better. There’s a big difference between a living room rug tasked to support a family of four, and carpeting flooring in a busy hotel or office lobby.

Let’s take a look at some of the qualities of top-notch commercial carpeting:

Durability: Visitors, clients, and even employees can sure do a number on commercial carpeting – what with all the tripping, running, and spilling that’s bound to occur. When shopping for carpeting flooring, look for stain-resistant fibers treated to withstand friction and dirt.

Neutrality: It’s rarely a good idea to use your commercial carpet to “make a statement” – unless your business is an art gallery, you want carpeting flooring that will appeal to everyone without distracting from the more important aspects of your business. Fortunately, wall-to-wall carpeting is available in a nearly limitless supply of colors and prints, giving you plenty of options to choose from.

Insulation: Quality commercial carpeting will save you money – and headaches – by insulating both temperature and sound. Whether you’re trying to keep your space warm or cool, or simply to cancel out the noisy floor below you, commercial carpeting flooring can help!